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Follow your intuition

My main job is to create a safe space for you to be able to connect with yourself and find your own answers. As they say, those who look inside, awake.
(Carl Jung)

I work with a variety of tools depending on the situation. 

These include techniques from life coaching and somatics (therefore nervous system regulation), to holistic psychology, feminine and masculine embodiment practices, mindfulness techniques, parts work, attachment repair and more.

Despite my background in psychology, I currently do not work as a psychologist*. 

My goal is to meet you where you are, respecting your own pace and rhythm without forcing the process.
I aim to hold space for you to begin or continue your inner work journey.


*For this reason, I do NOT treat or diagnose, and I do NOT prescribe medications. In coaching, the process is always client-led, and the focus is on the present and on the future, not on the past.


where the magic lies

If you’re ready to tap into your divine feminine or divine masculine energy and you’re eager to embrace these spiritual forces more fully, I’d be honored to join you on that journey.

  • Sessions can be in person or remote
  • 1 Hour Session


you will love it!

For those seeking somatic coaching, I’ve got you covered. This is typically for those aiming to learn how to regulate their nervous system, struggling to shed old patterns and beliefs for good, and finding themselves stuck in repetitive cycles. True, lasting change comes from genuine embodiment, as our body, or SOMA, is where our beliefs, emotions, feelings, and traumas reside.

  • Sessions can be in person or remote
  • 1 Hour Session


if you want to reach your true potential

For those striving to reach new life goals—whether in health, relationships, finances, career, or personal development—but prefer a more conventional approach to personal development.

  • Sessions can be in person or remote
  • 1 Hour Session


Energetic Neuro Linguistic Programming created by Art Giser is a truly transformational modality. If you desire to get back in charge of your own energy by connecting with your own inner wisdom and spirit. This allows you to clear others energy, old programs and limiting beliefs from your field. You will learn with each session new ways to perceive the world as energy, connect your inner guidance and how to navigate life outside of you without judgment or fear.
From 1 Hour


Flexibility is key in my approach, as I strive to adapt to each client’s unique requirements, preferences, and goals. Whether you’re seeking one specific kind of work or a mix of them all, I’m here to customize sessions that align perfectly with your journey. Let’s work together to create a personalized experience that supports your growth and transformation

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